Celebrating Culture, Education and Talent

around the globe to empower and strengthen an appreciation of Yorùbá culture and heritage

Our Mission

Using QMA as the mouthpiece of cultural reawakening, black girls’ empowerment, and engine of economy growth.

QMA International is the pride of black women and strives to empower sustainability and strengthening appreciation for culture and support for future preservation of Yoruba heritage. QMA International provides these black young women with a vehicle to further their personal and professional goals, to express their viewpoints, talents and accomplishments.

Our Philosophy

Set up as a reincarnation of the 12th century historical thematic virtues of Queen Moremi Ajasoro whose heroic legacies will continue to endure in the chronicles of both Yoruba and world histories.

We hope to provide a cultural platforms that will expand cultural diversity dialogue by connecting young women of black race using this platform to safeguard Yoruba cultural dialogue and display unfathomable passion for cultural diversity appreciation and expressions.

Patron's Message

Remembering a great herione
QMA is a team effort; and this includes working with great partners and collaborators to make our initiatives a reality. QMA is keen to work in partnership with both national and international institutions for the brand strength and development. Public Relations remains a factor in the promotion of all excellent initiatives and the QMA team are building and creating networks to access the height of media (news and prints), cultural heritage institutions, marketing strategists, established models and model houses, finance sectors and educational institutions etc. To get involved, sponsor our events or partner with our initiatives,  contact us today.