Using The Story of The Iconic Leader & Queen Moremi, To Build The Next Generation of Nigerian & African Female Leaders, By Providing Them With Skills & Knowledge That Will Equip Them.


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Moremi Cultural Based Leadership Pageant

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Moremi The Musical

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The story of Queen Moremi Ajasoro a legendary courageous woman, is pivotal to woman leadership and to the history and liberation of the entire Yoruba race.

We believe that it is essential for an individual to know their roots; when one knows where one is coming from, it is easier to chart a way forward in life. The purpose and aim of this project is to promote womanhood, identity, values, history and to keep our culture alive especially among the female youths, our upcoming next generation.
Starting from within Nigeria and progressing on to those in the Diaspora.

His Imperial Majesty
Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi
Ooni of Ife


Our mission is to use QMA as the mouthpiece of cultural reawakening, black girls’ empowerment, and engine of economy growth.

QMA International is the pride of black women and strives to empower sustainability and strengthening appreciation for culture and support for future preservation of Yoruba heritage. QMA International provides these black young women with a vehicle to further their personal and professional goals, to express their viewpoints, talents and accomplishments.

QMA Global Ambassador
Princess Aderonke Ademiluyi



Queen Moremi Ajasoro Cultural Pageant 2021

Watch Video Moremi Musical

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