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The birth of QMA International

QMA international emerged from a continuous desire to celebrate and uphold the legacies of the great foremother of the Yorubas.
As women, we are often told that there are certain heights we shouldn’t aspire to reach. Our society, our religion, and our culture have always made us believe that women are meant to be perceived as a lesser sex.
QMA International is all about changing that narrative using the story of Queen Moremi Ajasoro as a case study.
We encourage young ladies to be limitless in their aspirations and dreams and to dream big by starting with small things.
We encourage young ladies to become successful and achieve whatever they want in life.
We encourage young ladies to believe in themselves so their dreams can become a reality.
We encourage young ladies to think positively about themselves.
We teach young ladies that there are no miracles or secrets to success. Success is a result of your preparation, hard work, and learning from your failures.

The Story of Queen Moremi Ajasoro Initiative of Ile-Ife

From time immemorial, Yorùbá history has affirmed the central role of Queen Móremí Àjàsorò as a symbol of generational preservation and a savior of historical ruin. Her deliverance of Yorùbá people from the atrocities of perpetual invaders in the 12th century is historical, multi-layered, and has overturned the concept of boundaries.
It has exceeded and reconstructed them into new terrains that enable the sustainability of the Yorùbá people’s ancient traditions, and values and also incorporate the emergence of new identities.
However, her legacy has not been given well-versed global coordination, attention, and documentation.
Her exploits, willingness to lay down her life for the survival of her people, and other features are key drivers and vital contributors to Yorùbá history and cultural existence. She stood against war crimes, fought against child trafficking, and resisted the killing and maiming of children, raping of women, and the massacre of innocent souls. This she did not do for Ile-Ife alone, but for humanity. With or without academic and huge cultural acknowledgment, this position has continued to become the benchmark of Yorùbá folklore.
Therefore, the historical legacies and exploits of Queen Móremí Àjàsorò cannot depart from the eyes of global history as the recent exploits of His Imperial Majesty (HIM) to bring them to the world’s cultural space are being watched and celebrated. The construction and creation of a modern Queen Móremí Àjàsorò statue by His Imperial Majesty which is regarded today as the fourth tallest in Africa is a testament to her legacy being kept alive. This historical and iconic statue integrates once more the indelible landmark of Queen Moremi’s legacies as knowledge of culture and history into a celebration and reminiscence in our hearts.

Moremi Ajasoro Entrepreneural Pitch and Mentorship Program 2019.

Leadership Queens

Since 2016, the QMA initiative has crowned young women who have demonstrated cultural awareness, exceptional talents, and strong leadership skills as Queens.

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