Ile Moremi


Launched in 2019 – Ile Moremi is a sustainable African fashion lifestyle brand featuring beautiful products ethically made on demand. Every piece is designed and crafted with vibrant prints and bold ‘adire’ beautiful patterns fit for Queens.

Ile is the Yoruba word meaning ‘home’ or ‘house’ from Nigeria and ‘Moremi’ is the name of the legendary Queen Moremi, a fearless and beautiful warrior who liberated the Yoruba race. And just like her, our pieces are not only versatile and effortlessly fashionable; they also enhance your bold, fabulous and fearless self.

Some proceeds from Ile Moremi goes towards our campaign against Modern-day slavery and trafficking of young women.

About Moremi Collection

Queen Moremi cultural and historical materials are rich in resources. This projection therefore requires a new direction of Queen Moremi legacies preservation and its transformation from its present state to global cultural environment. In the light of this aforementioned, the project serves serve as reincarnation of the 12th century historical thematic virtues of Queen Móremí Àjàsorò whose indelible and heroic legacies will continue to endure in the chronicles of both Yorùbá and world histories.


HISTORY: QMA-EYES OF GLOBAL HISTORY From time, Yorùbá history has afrmed the central role of Queen Móremí Àjàsorò as symbol of generational preservation and saviour of historical ruin. Her exploration of delivering Yorùbá people against the atrocities of perpetual invaders  in 12th century historical account is multi-layered and has overturned the conceptions of boundaries, exceeded and reconstructed them into new terrains that enable the sustainability of Yorùbá people, ancient traditional and values and also incorporate emergence of new identities. However, her legacies have not been given a well-versed global coordination, attention and documentation through various mechanisms. For the past centuries, Queen Móremí Àjàsorò (QMA) legacies hasn’t been projected within the global cultural society and research world as central to the existence of Yorùbá nations globally. Her exploits, willingness to lay her life for the survival of her people, and other features are key driver and vital contributor to Yorùbá history and cultural existence. She stood against war crimes, fought against WOMAN & CHILD TRAFFICKING  resisted killing and maiming of children, rape of women and the massacre of innocent souls.


This she did not do for Ile-Ife alone, but for the entire Yoruba race. With or without academic and huge cultural acknowledgment, this position has continued to become the benchmark Yorùbá folklore.

Therefore the historical and legacies exploits of Queen Móremí Àjàsorò cannot depart from the eyes of global history as the recent exploits of His Imperial Majesty (HIM) to bring to the world cultural space are being watched and celebrated. The construction and creation of modern Queen Móremí Àjàsorò statue by His Imperial Majesty which is regarded today as the third tallest in Africa is a testament to her legacy being kept alive.


This historical and iconic statue integrates once more the indelible landmark of Queen Moremi legacies as knowledge of cultural and history into a celebration and reminiscence in our hearts. In celebrating and upholding the legacies of great foremother of Yorùbá, Queen Móremí Àjàsorò, the vision is of cultural construction and implementation of various global initiatives with twist for the Yorùbá culture in cultivating a new outlook and economic development which will attract global audience


The Moremi collection is dedicated to empowering young women through fashion.

The proceeds from this collection go towards rehabilitating female victims of enslavement back into the society as that was the ultimate price Moremi paid to ensure that the enslavement of her people stopped.


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