MOREMI AJASORO The Spirit of Freedom.

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Our Mission

Moremi Musical is 90 mins of dance, drama and music, it tells the story of the legendary Queen Moremi Ajasoro, how she sacrificed herself and her son to end trafficking of her people especially  women and children, it shows the power of a woman in ancient history over 1200 years ago.

It is created by the House of Oduduwa, and derived from the Queen Moremi Ajasoro initiative that empowers young women and rehabilitates young victims of human trafficking, by telling the story of Moremi Ajasoro to the world and how she fought so hard and sacrificed everything she had to save her people many centuries ago, how she stood against enslavement of women and children, and by using the proceeds of this musical to assist young victims of modern day slavery.

It also propagates and rejuvenates the cherished values, culture and tradition of an African woman as demostrated by Quuen Moremi, who by unusual courage sacrificed her son in order to save her people.

MOREMI AJASORO  elevates the spirit of freedom.


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