The Queens Conference

Today, we are celebrating Women’s history month with the first edition of the Conference of Oloris and this year’s theme is the impact of Oloris in National development.

It’s no news that Women are the pillars of the society. Women are the engine of growth and economic development with enormous responsibilities to God, Man, and society at large.

Women have natural gifts from God to do so many things at the same time.
Women play the roles of wives, mothers, caretakers, and educators, to mention a few, there’s no role that a woman cannot play.

It’s worthy of note that women in the past have established kingdoms and ruled as Kings. Women like Ooni Luwoo of ile ife Kingdom, Alaafin Orompoto of Oyo Kingdom and Osemawe
Pupupu the founder and first ruler of Ondo Kingdom.

The Queens Conference is an initiative of QMA International and OJAF


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